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Solid Rock and Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser


Each piece in these drink dispensers is sculpted into a one of a kind design by carefully selecting different shapes and colors that complement one another.  Made for dispensing wine, water, juice, or liquor. Do not use carbonated liquids...

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Funky Rock Short Cobble Stand - Pick from 3 colors


These short stands are made of granite and are roughly 4" tall. This stand will lift your dispenser to glass tumbler height.  This stand comes in three different colors:  Black Grey Tan Choose the color that best fits your home decor or mix...

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George Bernard Shaw Wallet - Choose from 3 colors


This leather card holder is perfect to hold all of your cards! The perfect gift for yourself or anyone you're shopping for. Quote: "A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out." - George Bernard Shaw Size: 4" x 3"

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Quill Pen & Stand - Pick from 3 styles


Antique quill pens get a makeover. Stylishly colored feathers give these Quill Pens a modern yet still classic look. Each pen comes with stand and unique packaging. They are a fantastic way to add flare to any desk. Marvelous gift for that hard to shop...

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