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White Heart*

$80.00 - $400.00

This basic art print features a white heart on a pastel background and would make for a charming addition to your home! An ideal selection for a housewarming party, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift! Available in three sizes: 12" x 12" 23" x...

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Whole World at Your Feet

$80.00 - $570.00

“There’s the whole world at your feet.” These beautiful blue flowers represent the limitless paths and opportunities in life. This art print is ideal for teachers and parents alike, the perfect addition to a child’s room or...

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A Flower for the One I Love*

$80.00 - $650.00

This unique print sparks intrigue with a hint of whimsy! It displays a peculiar patchwork elephant holding a flower in its trunk. The text underneath says, "A flower for the one I love, my darling." Available in three sizes: 12" x 12"  23" x...

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Happiness (definition)*

$320.00 - $600.00

This art print features the definition of "happiness" at the bottom. There is a dark background on the top two-thirds of the print with the phrase "darling – you are the definition of the word." An excerpt of the full definition reads: “1...

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Stacked Animals*

$80.00 - $400.00

Can’t decide between “Dancing Dog,” “Mr. Cat” or “Elk?” Then “Stacked Animals” might be the selection for you! This colorful art print has multicolored animals stacked on top of each other, a festive...

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