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Baby & Kids Gifts

Wee Winter Penguin - Pick from 3 colors


Squat and sassy, Wee Penguin is a little chick with a ton of charm. The roundest, fuzziest poppet on the ice, this penguin has tousled fur, an cozy tummy and orange feet and beak. Who could resist a heart-shaped face, bright black eyes and waggly...

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Amuseable Cozi Avocado - Pick from 3 colors


Someone's all set to go toddling through the snow! Amuseable Cozi Avocado has popped on a knit bobble hat, which goes so well with that snuggly fur! In scrummy light green with soft mottled rind, a suedey brown stone and cordy feet, this avo is 'aving a...

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