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Garden Accessories

Stone Cement Pots - pick from 3 sizes

€4.21 - €8.41

These pots/planters will look great for any indoor setting. They can be used for succulents or as an organizer or decorative holders for candles, pens, keys, etc.   Each sold separately: Small - 5" x 4" x 2" Medium - 6.7" x 4" x 2" Large - 7.5"...

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terrcotta pot
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Terra Cotta Pot


This terracotta pot/planter is not just your ordinary terracotta planter. They are made to look loved, used, and antique.    Size: XX Large - 8" x 8" x 7" Pot does not come with drainage hole. 

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Rustic Studded Cement Pots - pick from 4 sizes

€4.01 - €8.01

These studded pots/planters are the perfect twist to a planter. They will look great in any setting!   Each sold separately: Small - 3.3" x 3.3" x 2.5" Medium - 5"  x 5" x 4" Large - 6" x 6" 4 " Extra Large - 6.5" 6.5" 4.7"   Pots do not...

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Hanging Terrarium

€18.03 - €28.04

These hanging terrariums are great for any indoor space. These glass terrariums are suspended by a jute rope. Available in two shapes, it can be filled with air plants, decorative objects or whatever your heart desires. 

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natural broken crystal geode
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Natural Broken Crystal Geode


Geodes are geological rocks formed in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. There is no way of knowing what is inside a geode until it is broken open. These geodes have been halved and polished to showcase the sparkly crystal formations inside.  ...

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Succulent Stems - pick from 21 styles

€2.00 - €22.04

Have a hard time keep plants alive? These faux succulent stems are perfect for every home. These succulents pair perfectly together to make a beautiful arrangement.    Each sold individually. 

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