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Oncidium Orchid Stem - 36.5"
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Oncidium Orchid Stem


Made to look 100% realistic- you'd swear this exquisite orchid was cut this morning. Arrange in a tall glass jar or vase, a beautiful way to add some life to home or office. Details: 36.5" tall

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Orchid Drop-In - Pick from 3 sizes

$34.00 - $150.00

Our Phalaenopsis is totally realistic. A perfect copy of nature. You'd need a botanist to tell the difference. Details: Small: White 15" tall Root ball: 3 x 3 x 3 Medium: White 23" tall ...

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Sword Fern 32" Drop-In
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Sword Fern Drop-In


The distinct fronds and towering stems of the Sword Fern are expertly captured in this drop-in. Right down to the root ball, just as nature designed. Details: Height: 32" Root Ball: 4 x 4 x 4

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