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Swig - Color Swirl

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$28.00 - $32.00



  • Dishwasher Safe: All Swigs featuring a silicone base are completely dishwasher safe, including the lid.
  • Spill Resistant & Shatterproof Lids: Slide closures are corrugated with a silicone underside to provide the best defense against spills and can be removed for cleaning. 
  • Nonslip Silicone Base: The scratch-free, noise free silicone bases will always keep your Swig steady.
  • Triple Insulated Technology: The double-wall, vacuum-sealed, copper-coated insulation is designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature longer. 

12oz Skinny Can Cooler - fits most 12oz slim can beverages, cold up to 12 hours

14oz Stemless Wine Cup - cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours

22oz Tumbler - cold up to 24 hours nad hot up to 12 hours.

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