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Wall Hangings

Hanging Glass Tube Vase - Pick from 3 sizes

$11.00 - $18.00

Use the elegant glass vase for wedding flowers, church pear flower stems, patio garden decoration, bamboo home wall decoration or plant stems, twist or cut, store kitchen spices or scented oils. The contemporary design uses eco-friendly recycled...

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Wooden Photo Frame


This simple wooden frame will add a rustic touch of authenticity to your cherished memories and photographed moments. The frame can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Each frame comes with a small peg to help itself stand on a flat surface. ...

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Wooden Wall Birds

$18.00 - $24.00

These hand carved wooden wall birds make the perfect addition to any room. Create the feeling of an open world by having birds in flight in your children's bedroom, or follow along their trail as they are placed along a hallway. Made from silk cotton...

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